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"Art has something to do with the achievement of stillness in the midst of chaos... an arrest of attention in the midst of distraction." –Saul Bellow

My daughter found this quote in a book I gave to her called 1001 Ways to Slow Down. {You can find the book here 1,001 Ways to Slow Down: A Little Book of Everyday Calm}

She shared it with me knowing I'd like it. I love this quote just as it is, but I couldn’t help but dissect and analyze it. Maybe that's the teacher in me. So come along with me…


Achievement: creation, masterpiece, realization, triumph

Stillness: Calm, peace, serenity, tranquility

Chaos: clutter, disarray, turmoil

Attention: absorption, engrossment, concentration

Distraction: interruption, disturbance, commotion, disorder

I composed a revised quote using some words that really fit with my vision & mission for The Relaxed Artist.

"Art has something to do with the [creation] of [serenity] in the midst of [turmoil]... an arrest of [absorption] in the midst of [disturbance]." 

To me art is creation, stillness, calm, peace, serenity, and tranquility. Art can take you away from the chaos and anxiety of life, the clutter and turmoil of everyday stresses, the absorption of our time and attention, the daily interruptions and commotion. Art is diverse. The art that pulls you away "in the midst of distraction" could be a song, a picture, a poem, nature, a sculpture, some form of art from someone else that you are able to enjoy for a moment. It could also be something you create, singing, coloring, drawing, doodling, sculpting, painting.

Art and creating are powerful if you allow them into your life and into your soul.

Look for ways this week you can achieve stillness and pull your attention away from that checklist in front of you for a moment to find some serenity.


I am going to be launching my first creativity & art course in the coming months where I'll teach you tips on how to create, doodle, relax, color, find stillness and serenity and so much more in a quick and fun 7-day course. If you are interested in this course that is coming in the coming months, please comment below and also subscribe to my email list to receive updates!

Also, if you are in the area, I will be putting my art work into some galleries soon and I'd love to have you all come and check it out. Subscribe for updates, times, and locations.


A great way to relax, let some creativity flow, and achieve some stillness is with my Doodle Journal. And if you have one of these journals of mine, take a picture of the images you've colored and post it on Facebook and tag The Relaxed Artist and post on Instagram and tag @therelaxedartist and use the hashtags #therelaxedartists.

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