Why do we Procrastinate the Fun Things in Life?

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I love painting! I look forward to sitting down in front of my newest project and experiencing the excitement I feel as the picture takes on the characteristics of the photo that I am using as a reference. I love adding colors and textures to my paintings to make the image my own.

painting a pastel


I actually have to force myself to stop when I’ve run out of time to work on it each day. So why do I have such a difficult time getting started with a new project?


pastel progress

pastel progress

Does anyone else have a difficult time getting started with something that they actually enjoy doing? I love hiking in the hills near my home. All I have to do is put on my hiking shoes and head out the door, but if it weren’t for my dog Rocky giving me ‘that look’, I probably wouldn’t hike as much as I do – well, at least during the winter.

I did a little research as to why people procrastinate and found some basic reasons. First of all, there is the standard “I don’t feel like doing it” reason. Well, I must admit that even though I do love hiking, I still find myself using the “I don’t feel like doing it” excuse. And there are days where I would like nothing more than to just curl up with a good book and wait until spring to hike again. I kind of tend to put off projects and doing other things I like to do until spring and summer.

Something cool that was pointed out in one of the articles I read was that starting a task can actually be the real motivator rather than needing motivation in order to beginning the project. Just taking that first step with a project can give us the motivation we need to move forward. Pretty cool. 

I also learned that people worry that if they do really well with a project, hobby, talent, task, and such, that people will expect even more from them the next time. They worry that success will put them in the spotlight and they aren’t sure that is where they want to be. Interesting. 

There are other reasons for procrastination, but a lot of the reasons they gave for procrastinating have to do with tasks that people simple don’t want to do – like doing taxes or the dishes. Those things we just have to force ourselves to do. I’m more interested in learning even more about this topic of why we procrastinate activities and projects we love to do. 

I think that for me, my biggest problem is that I am by nature a little too laid back. I can easily get comfortable and I don’t always want to challenge myself. But when I do push myself to take on new projects and to try different art techniques, I always feel the reward later and am so grateful for that feeling of accomplishment. Even if it is simply that I have surprised myself and that I, alone, am pleased with the results.

So what is it that you procrastinate in doing even though you know it will bring you enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment? And why do you think you procrastinate those fun things? What is maybe holding you back? Complacency? Fear of success? Perfectionism? 

I would love to hear something that you love and enjoy doing that you put off doing. And tell me something that you are going to do in the next few weeks that you have been putting off for far too long.

I shared my progress pictures above of one of my most recent paintings and I’m excited to show you the finished product! Very soon, I will be sharing the process of this painting. Start to finish and all the emotions, feelings, mental blocks, I went through during this piece of art of mine. It was a beautiful, stressful, perfect, and necessary process that I am so grateful I got to go through. 


finished painting


Below are some products and tools I use when painting with pastels. Just click the images for them to take you to where you can purchase them.


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Note: I’ve included affiliate links for products that I use and love and that maybe helpful for you too. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

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