Handwritten Letters Never Go Out of Style

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Happy January everyone! We hope you guys are enjoying being back to work and life post holiday celebrations.

One thing that is always fun about the holidays, is all the cards you receive in the mail. You grab your mail from the post office or your mailbox and you flip through it all and maybe see a bill or two or some junk mail. And how fun is it to have something fun in there to open and look at and read. It makes you smile, doesn't it?

So a New Years Resolution that we personally want to implement is to cherish and nourish our friendships more this year. And what better way to do that than by sending a handwritten note to a friend or loved one. 


So we updated our collections and are excited to show you them! And we just love putting these together for each of you and thinking about who's day you're going to brighten by sending them a sweet note in the mail. 

These are all my personal artwork that we've turned them into a simple and special greeting card for you to use. 


The Landscape collection.


The On the Shore Collection.


The Flowers Collection.


And if you want to get all the different cards, we have the Variety Collection.


We hope you'll join us and add to your New Years Resolutions to cherish and nourish your friendships a little more this year and send a few more handwritten notes to friends and family.


Happy coloring and happy writing. 

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